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Dr. Souradyuti Paul

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhilai (Office: 106)
Sejbahar, Raipur 492015 (CG)
(+91) 771 255 1300 x 6111

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new-iconOur paper entitled "Efficient Fair Multiparty Protocols using Blockchain and Trusted Hardware" has been accepted at Latincrypt 2019 (full version soon!)

new-iconNational Workshop on Data Security and Cryptology at IIT Bhilai (May 27-29, 2019)

new-iconMy keynote talk at BIT, Durg, "Blockchains: Truth vs. Hype"

I am an associate professor in the department EECS of IIT Bhilai. Earlier, I used to work as an assistant professor of CSE at IIT Gandhinagar (Jul. 2014 - Oct. 17). I obtained BE, MTech and PhD degrees, respectively, from Jadavpur University (1994 - 98), Indian Statistical Institute (1999 - 01) and KU Leuven (2001 - 06). I spent a long span of time (about 14 years) working as a doctoral, postdoctoral and a guest researcher at various data security research groups in Europe, USA, and Canada, namely, COSIC, KU Leuven (2001 - 08), CSD, NIST, USA (2008 - 12) and CrySP, Univ. of Waterloo (2012 - 14). In addition to carrying out academic research in computer security, I was, in the past, directly involved with (and a major technical contributor to) two cryptographic standardization projects of global impact: ECRYPT-eSTREAM (organized by the European Union, 2005-2008) and SHA-3 (organized by NIST, Govt. of USA, 2007-2012). Currently, I lead multiple Indian initiatives (undertaken by the Bureau of Indian Standards) in standardizing Blockchain-based applications under various ISO projects.

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Research Interests

(Present) Cryptographic modes and multiparty protocols; Blockchain and Cryptocurrency; Anonymity and Privacy; Network Security.
(Recent past) Design and analysis of cryptographic primitives (e.g. stream cipher, hash function, etc.).

Since 2001, my research has always centered on cryptography, data security and related areas.

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