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  1. Invited talk at Blockchain Workshop (Central University of Rajasthan, Mar. 06). Title: Blockchains and Applications
  2. This semester 2019-20-W, I am teaching CS554: Blockchain Technologies (2nd edition) 
  3. Invited talk at Blockchain Workshop (Ashoka University, Jan. 24, 2020). Title: Blockchains and Trading
  4. Invited talk at Genesis DevCon'19 (IISc, Bengaluru, Nov. 25, 2019). Title: Security Issues in Blockchain Applications
  5. Invited talk at CSAW'19 (IIT Kanpur, Nov. 6, 2019). Title: With and Without Blockchain: Why Is (or Is Not) It a Big Deal
  6. 1-day Tutorial at NIT Raipur on Blockchain Basics (Oct. 18, 2019)
  7. Our paper entitled "Efficient Fair Multiparty Protocols using Blockchain and Trusted Hardware" has been accepted at Latincrypt 2019 (full version soon!)
  8. This 2019-20-M semester I am teaching CS601 Cryptographic Protocols (this course provides the foundation for understanding the nitty-gritty of Blockchain-based applications).
  9. National Workshop on Data Security and Cryptology at IIT Bhilai (May 27-29, 2019)
  10. My keynote talk at BIT, Durg, "Blockchains: Truth vs. Hype"